CPR at Good Food Fest '17

We had the pleasure of presenting a mini-workshop on our DIY unheated greenhouse, Casa Verde, at this year's Good Food Fest! This is a wonderful event put on by FamilyFarmed. The workshop series "Grow Your Own" that we were a part of, was organized by Advocates for Urban Agriculture

"The Good Food Festival & Conference helps connect financial resources to farms and Good Food businesses; helps grow local procurement capacity; engages local school districts; provides a forum to discuss local, statewide, and national food policy; and educates the public about the importance and impact of Good Food. Unique opportunities arise for growing the Good Food movement with all of these stakeholders networking through our important sessions and trade show exhibits." 

We completed the construction of Casa Verde in November 2016, and have been using it to over winter perennials. In the spring we anticipate using it to start and harden seedlings. By partially sinking the greenhouse, we were able to take advantage of heat transfer and insulation from the earth. Polycarbonate clads the above-ground portion, with the south face being angle to receive maximum sunlight.

You can download our presentation in it's entirety. If you have any questions about a design you're interested in building for your own garden, feel free to reach out!